Chong Wei Didn't Want to Meet the Media for Want to Break Total

Chong Wei Didn't Want to Meet the Media for Want to Break Total
Malaysian flagship pebulu, Lee Chong Wei , has returned to his country using a private jet. He arrived on Sunday (10/07/2018) after undergoing treatment. The former world number one was diagnosed with early stage nose cancer. He has been treated in Taiwan for the past two months

Chong Wei landed at Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport, Subang, Malaysia on Sunday (10/07/2018) night. The Datuk player had given a statement to the media not to wait for him at the airport and go home because the day was late. "I don't want the media to wait for me at the airport. You better go home," Chong Wei said as quoted by from The Star. The 35-year-old player confirmed that he would hold a press
conference in the near future. Right now Chong Wei wants to rest completely post-operation. 
"You all don't need to wait for me. Now I need a break and I'll meet the media someday," 
Chong Wei said. "I intend to rest a few days before meeting the media," he continued. Chong Wei underwent treatment for early-stage nasal cancer for two months in Taiwan. The disease began to be detected when eliminated in the semifinal round of Indonesia Open 2018.
The impact of this condition, Chong Wei must also be absent from several prestigious tournaments. After withdrawing from the World Championship, he was unable to defend Malaysia at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang. (Any Hidayati)

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